aha, i mean, hey, if pacman affected us as kids we'd all be munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music, amiright?

about me

name: skel
other names: kurt, kai
pronouns: he / him / his
location: ontario, canada
personality: gemini / infj
dream job: writer & ESL teacher

media i like

steven universe, he-man & the masters of the universe, she-ra & the princesses of power, the owl house, gravity falls, adventure time, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts

shugo chara, sailor moon, boku no hero academia, yuri on ice, pretty cure, ouran high school host club, tokyo mew mew

dragon age, mass effect, knights of the old republic, undertale, skyrim, halo, animal crossing, stardew valley, audiosurf, skies of arcadia, harvest moon, civilization v, tales of symphonia

visual novels
clannad, hatoful boyfriend, rewrite+, dream daddy, hustle cat

questionable content, el goonish shive, girls with slingshots

adam young (owl city / sky sailing / port blue / windsor airlift / insect airport / swimming with dolphins), ajr, rare americans, lovelytheband, taylor swift, carly rae jepsen, hobo johnson, damh the bard, omnia, emerald rose, faun, sj tucker, eluveitie, threefold, kiva, the strumbellas, neon dreams, tokyo police club, the washboard union, billy talent, porter robinson, steam powered giraffe, vanessa carlton, t.A.T.u., cascada, italobrothers, basshunter,
dj splash, dj manian, dj satomi