aha, i mean, hey, if pacman affected us as kids we'd all be munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music, amiright?



what is your sexuality?
i call myself queer. i'm a trans man and my gf is a trans woman.

are homeschooled kids brainwashed cultists?
i mean, as far as i know, i don't think i am. some might be though.

religious questions

what is pagan?
it's a broad term that people tend to get confused by. the definition i was raised with is: the worship of the Old Gods of a particular area before it was colonized by Abrahamic religions. my family worships the Welsh pantheon of Gods. most of us are animistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, panentheistic, or some combination of the above. there are very few pagan monotheists afaik.

do you worship Satan?


are you Wiccan? what's the difference?
Wicca is a religion that draws upon a lot of New Age things like crystals and tarot, and are duotheistic / soft polytheists (believing all Gods are facets of The One Horned God and all Goddesses are facets of The Goddess rather than individual deities). They fall into "neopagan" while most of my family and grove identify as "recon pagan."

neo? recon? what???
neopagans are often, but not always, eclectic, connecting with a wide range of deities from many different pantheons. neopagans tend to use tarot and crystals. wicca and those who identify as witches are usually practitioners of neopaganism.

recon pagans work with the best current scholarship they can find to try to understand the cultures of the early celtic peoples, and what they were doing in terms of spiritual traditions. they also participate in the traditions of the current, living celtic cultures in ways that express a polytheistic, animist spirituality. while many pagan elements have survived in folkloric practices, in terms of a complete, polytheistic, pagan religion, reconstructionism does not have unbroken lineage to the pre-Christian past, and is also a "new" religion.

at the end of the day, religion and spirituality are deeply personal things, and so long as you are harming no one, your path is valid.

so what are you? a neo-druid? a recon?
sort of both. my family and grove draw upon a lot of OBOD (order of bards, ovates, and druids) and ADF (Ar nDraiocht Fein) teachings, which are more neo-druid (acknowledge many primary source teachings, but also include a lot of 1800s Romanticism ideas, which aren't always accurate). at the end of the day, i only label myself as a Child of the Gods.

so who do you worship?
see here

and how do you worship?
probably the same way you do, give or take a few differences. i pray to my Gods, i give them offerings, and i do fire rituals.

ESL & travel questions

you're canadian - do you love winter & snow?

literally no fuck that shit. i like spring and fall. moderate temperatures are the best lmao.